TROOP 282 Chess Tournament

Hey scouts!
This week we will be playing each other in chess online with You will need to set up a free account to play. I suggest setting up your account before the Tuesday meeting. Please make your username something that everyone will recognize.
Use the link below to join the tournament. If prompted, the password is "Eagle"

Some notes:
– I recommend using a computer/laptop
– There will be a chat bar in game for you to talk to your opponent. Additionally, there is a feature for voice chatting (the phone button).
– Make sure to document your moves in the chess notation that we have explained in the past few meetings. You can view your moves in the chess notation on screen, and clicking the analysis button (picture of a microscope) will open up a larger viewing area for your moves.
– If there is an odd number of players, you may need to wait for a game. After you have completed a game and return to the tournament’s main page, you may need to wait a few minutes before paired up with another player. You can spectate other games while you wait by clicking on others’ usernames.

Feel free to text me with questions (541-799-4453).
Derek Saxman