TROOP 282 Chess Merit Badge and PLC next Tuesday

Good evening Troop 282,

We will be completing the chess merit badge in the following few weeks. For requirement 6, you are required to play at least 3 games of chess with a fellow scout and record your moves using the algebraic notation that we spoke about.

There are a few ways you can complete this requirement:

Via FB messenger or iMessage,, etc.

Find what works for you and, with your parent’s permission, play 3 games. After you are finished, submit your moves to Mr. Harkins (harkinsdon, cc a parent) and he can walk through it with you on a Zoom call. Don’t forget to record both you and your opponent’s moves.

Quick note: PLC will be held at 7 pm next Tuesday ( and our next all-troop meeting to discuss and complete the Chess MB will be held the following Tuesday 5/5.

Thank you and stay safe!

God Bless,
Duncan Yozzo