Troop Meeting & Upcoming Outing

Troop 282 Families,

Troop this week will be at ECS. We will be meeting in the back of the school completing some preparations on the Troop Trailer for the upcoming outing. We will be outside for the majority of the meeting. Troop will begin at 6:30 and go till 8:30. Please make sure to send your Scout to troop with a water bottle and a mask.

  • Several Scouts need to check with me to decide on merit badges for the outing.
  • Adult Scouters will need to work on menu for Saturday and Sunday.
  • Cooking groups will be announced during troop for the outing.
  • Daily schedule for outing will be reviewed.
  • Sign permission form for outing, available at troop.
  • If you have some spare firewood for the troop to take with us, please bring it to troop and we will put it in the trailer for the trip.

Now on the outing at the Elks Property!

  • Departure 8 am from ECS, bring water and a sack lunch (Thursday, July 23rd)
  • Food purchases will go into the trailer
  • Personal gear will stay in your individual vehicle, as parents will be transporting their Scout to the Elks property in Florence.
  • Directions will be handed out on Thursday morning.
  • Each Scouts Temperature will be checked in the parking lot, compete permission form at troop on Tuesday
  • Daily temperature checks will be ongoing for the outing.
  • From the inspection of the Elks property today, Scouts should plan on using tents. Hammock space is extremely limited. Only family members may tent together.
  • All close proximity activities will require mask.
  • The troop will be providing paper plates and bowls, Scouts should make sure they bring a drink cup and a spork!
  • List of supplies to make sure to bring:
    • mask
    • water bottle
    • sunscreen
    • notebook/pen or pencil for merit badge work
    • swim suit and towel
    • bug spray
    • Boy Scout Handbook
  • Pick up of Scouts will be at the same place they are dropped off. Please pick up your Scout between 1:00 pm and 2:00 pm on Sunday, July 26th.

I will be happy to address any questions that you have during Troop on Tuesday.


Scoutmaster Altmiller