Troop Meeting/Summer Camp Update

Troop 282 families,

This Tuesday (6/23) we are planning on meeting at 7:00 for a hike at Skinner Butte and South Bank Loop ( You will be able to get directions to the park from the link. We will plan on starting to hike at 7 pm. We will return to our starting location by 8:30 pm. Make sure your Scout has plenty of water as we are going to have temperature in the high 80’s. Bring a frisbee or hacky sack for when we return to the trailhead.

Summer Camp at Camp Easton… After much discussion, we have made the decision to NOT attend a camp that is 8.5 hours away. It has been a difficult decision, but we will publish a camping calendar for the 2 planned outings over the summer. The PLC will be working on merit badge lists and activities.


Scoutmaster Altmiller