Rosary Lake Outing

Hello Troop 282,

I just wanted to take a minute to share some information about this week’s upcoming campout at Rosary Lake. It is shaping up to be perfect conditions for an October campout. I am not expecting rain but that does not mean it’s not going to happen. At Rosary lake I am expecting night temperatures to be around freezing. Day time temps should be a high of upper 60’s. Fire restrictions for the area have been lifted so we will be able to have a campfire. As I talked about on Tuesday night, we will be meeting at ECS at 5:30. I anticipate being on the trail around 7:30. It will be dark and cold when we get to the trail head so please put your headlamp in a place where you can get to it right away. Dress in layers please! The hike starts off with a steep uphill climb which will get you heated up really quick and I am sure we will have to stop within the first 15 minutes for scouts to shed layers. Things you may want to bring:
Some type of shelter, scouts may not share tents with other scouts unless you are from the same household
sleeping pad or air mattress
Scouts may share tents with their parents
stocking cap
gloves for the cooler weather
hand warmers are nice
long johns if you get cold easily
your own food and snacks
trowel for digging a cat hole
at least one good water bottle full!
change of clothes, falling into a lake and not having one stinks (I know from experience and some adults will not be letting me forget it either)

Please remember to review if you have all your 10 essentials. A scout should be able to name all 10 from memory by First Class. If you need a refresher, please refer to the hiking section in your Scout Handbook where the list is located.

This is a great place for younger scouts and first-time backpackers but please remember we are going into the forest and safety is everyone’s responsibility. Scouts need to use good judgement. (fire safety, buddy system, letting your ASPL know where you are going.) No one should be backpacking with anything in their hands. This is a safety issue, especially doing a night hike. We as a Troop have had many successful outings to Rosary Lakes but please remember a Corvallis Scout lost his life there. (Two youth tried to climb Pulpit rock which is off limits to everyone.) I am available for any questions or concerns that parents or scouts may have. I am anticipating a good time out in the woods and excited about our day hike to Maiden Lake on Saturday.

Snow level dropped to 6,000 feet last weekend. Rosary Lakes sits at about 5,500 feet but Maiden Lake is around 6,400 feet so we could see a light…………………..sprinkling of snow on the ground while on our hike.

Kind regards,

James Braham
Cell: 541-221-6464
e-mail: brahamjames