Kitson Outing Intro

Greetings Troop 282 families,

The Kitson outing is on the horizon. Preparations are being completed and should be finalized post the Troop 282 committee meeting this Sunday.


  • Meet at ECS on Thursday 8/6 at 9 am. Food and cooler will be put into the trailer, along with water. Depart to Kitson BSA property, near Oakridge. Directions will be handed out in the parking lot. Please remember to check in and have your temperature taken.
  • Bring a sack lunch and a full water bottle. We will have to haul water from town each day for drinking.
  • If you are planning on attending the Kitson outing send an email to me at: baltmiller
  • We have 4 Scouting cooks who will be working on the cooking MB. I will communicate the number of people they will be feeding during the outing, on Monday or Tuesday.
  • 4 Scouts are completing the Wilderness Survival mb on the outing, 10 essentials, clothing you wear and limited snacks will be allowed on your overnight. Shelters will be built in the afternoon before heading out that evening.
  • Tents/Hammocks and Adirondaks (only 2 Scouts may share an adirondak) are all going to be used on this outing. Please make sure to have a tent with you if it is needed.
  • Merit badges will be updated on Monday/Tuesday. Please look for an updated MB list to be emailed out. Each Scout will need to respond to that MB request.
  • Fishing in the small river will be available. 12 and older must have a fishing license. They are small rainbow fish, but fun. Fishing reg’s: 2 trout per day, 8 inch minimum length and bait is legal to use during the time we will be there. Couple youtube resources:
  • Remember:
    • masks
    • camp chair
    • sunscreen
    • bug spray
    • notebook/BSA handbook
    • swim suit/towel
    • cup/spork (paper supplies will be used again on this outing.
    • fishing gear
  • Firewood would be appreciated to help us enjoy our time, unload at our main camp location when we arrive at Kitson.

Scoutmaster Altmiller
Troop 282