Caroling December 17 at 6pm for CUBS! And TROOP 282 INVITE

TROOP 282 Please read the following Invite. (you can make it back to ECS in time for the 7 pm Meeting/Annual Christmas Festivity!!!

Also attached is a Fundraiser for the Pack! This flyer can be used all day and you can even buy gift cards. (December 17)

Hello leaders of Pack 413, and Troop 282 leaders/friends, too ~

Looks like we are set for our annual Caroling next Tuesday night at the same place as last year: Crescent Park Senior Living Center on Coburg Rd., just south of First Baptist Church of Eugene. The goal is to have everyone there by 6pm, start singing at 6:15, done by 6:35-ish, and then off to Papa’s Pizza on Coburg Road for our Pack meeting and dutch-treat dinner.

Boy Scouts of Troop 282 are most welcome to come and join us at caroling, as you all know this routine! Please send out an email and/or text to everyone asap with these details if you will, please, from the Pack.

Please include the flyer for Papa’s Pizza on Coburg Road, to everyone you know!! It can be used ALL day, and anyone can help support the Pack. Funds raised will be applied towards paying the increase in membership dues for our families that can use assistance. And their fundraising bucks, as it is called on the flyer, are really gift cards that make terrific gifts for the holidays. Many thanks for helping us in this way! 🙂

(I realize the ECS Christmas Program is now this same night, unfortunately. Which means we will be missing 9 of our 31 Cubs – almost one third. We will miss them all! Since our Pack has doubled in size now since August, I was looking forward to having us all together. )

Attached here is our song sheet that we have been using for caroling practice so you have it handy. Let me know if you have any questions in the meantime, please.
Many thanks for being in our scouting family!

Cathi B.
Pack 413 Coordinator

Papas Pizza DEC 17 flyer.pdf