Camp Cards are for sale!! TROP 282 Fundraiser PLEASE READ

Good Evening ALL!

We hope everyone received their gift camp card from our Troop and Letter.

If you are able to purchase 5 cards and give them to a neighbor or friend in need in this challenging time super! If not you can always ask your parents to send an email out to those you know who would be interested in supporting your Scout adventures!

If you did not receive a letter and camp card we did not have your current address on file so please reply to this email and send me your address!

There will be no booth sales unless notified by Council that they are good to go. Scouts should focus on selling to family (and extended family through the mail if not in the same town), friends and coworkers of parents (via phone calls, email, social media).

Please remember that the Safeway/Albertsons’ offer is good throughout the State of Oregon. Bi-Mart’s offer is good throughout Oregon, Washington, and Idaho. So, family and friends living in Portland, Seattle or Boise are potential customers; same for K-Falls, Medford, Bend, etc.

The sale will be extended. At least through the end of May and quite possibly through the end of the school year.

Here is what the new card looks like:

I can meet people to distribute cards. With a 50% commission and no penalty for returning unused cards, this is a good opportunity to earn money for summer camp.