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Hi Everyone,

This Saturday the Troop will be going to Wings and Waves Water Park. This is a Class B event. Boys need to bring a sack lunch, swim suit, towel, $10.00 for dinner and a warm change of clothes. Please remember or remind your Scout to bring a plastic bag to put your/their wet clothes in. We will be meeting at ECS at 8am and hope to arrive at the Water Park between 10-10:30am. The boys will have an opportunity to swim for 4 hours and will take a lunch break during that time. At 3 o’clock we will be walking over to the IMAX theater for a 42 minute 3D movie called Legends of Flight. Afterwards we will depart for home stopping in Salem for a dinner at a fast food restaurant (this is what the $10.00 is for). I hope we will be back in town around 7pm, parents please make sure to be near your phones for pick up calls.

The cost of the admission to the water park and to the movie will be deducted from your Scouts ISA.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to call me.

Kind regards,

Mr. Braham