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Good Evening:

Here are the scouts who signed up tonight for the service project (thanks to all of the scouters who will be joining them)

Taylor A.
Brandon Gamble
Justin G.
Orin A
Wiley W
Andrew King
Cade Donahue
Derek S.
Ian Clevenger

PIZZA will be served!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For those of you who didn’t make it to troop and still want to help out here is the information please let Bill know that you are coming so he knows how much pizza to order!

Service Project at Eugene Christian School (2895 Chad Dr.)

Wednesday 8/3 at 5:30 pm until we are done.

Sign up at Troop on Tuesday evening, please see William Thompson to sign up! He will have a sign-up sheet!

What to Bring:

Water bottle



Hand shovel


What are we doing?
Cleaning up the parking lot and flower beds. We will also be getting the parking lot ready for new parking painted lines and direction arrows.

Do you have?

#1 2500 psi power washer (we need 1 more). Please let Scoutmaster Altmiller know: baltmiller.

#2 Gas powered blower for cleaning most of of the dirt off the lot. Please let Scoutmaster Altmiller know: baltmiller.


William Thompson (and Scoutmaster Altmiller)