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Dear Troop Parents,

We have reached a point where we do not have enough drivers to bring the all the boys on the campout. We have 3 options available to us at this time:

Another adult driver that can haul 6 people including driver needs to join the campout.

A vehicle that can haul 5 needs to be provided for James to drive

We need to bump scouts from the trip. Scouts in leadership positions will be excluded from being bumped due to need on campout.

While the 3rd option is the last choice if we don’t have a solution before 6:00 pm Wednesday 4/19/17 this will be the option we will have to employ.

A formal review will be done by committee at our next meeting to come up with a permanent plan for these situations.

PLEASE respond to Scott.Adolf and/or this EMAIL if you can Drvie!

Thanks for supporting our troop and your own Scout!

Scott Adolf, Bill Altmiller