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Good Evening Scouts and Scouters,

We need to know if scouts and scouters going on the overnighter need to rent a pair of snowshoes or if they will be providing their own.

The cost will be $10.00 for the trip.

Snowshoes will be picked up Thursday and returned either Sunday or Monday by James (THANKS!!)

If you need to rent PLEASE RESPOND to this EMAIL ASAP and provide a rough estimate of your weight plus gear weight on your back to know what size shoe to rent.

(Some scouts will have sleds so please take this into account if you are going to bring a sled you own to pull your gear).

If your name is on this list we need to hear from you! Please reply to this email OR email James directly


11 Scouters:

Bill Altmiller, James Braham, John Lovdokken, Karl Saxman, Mark Willet, Michael Donahue, Paul Griffiths, Randy King, Rob Macpherson, Saul Selberg, Scott Adolf

21 Scouts:

Andrew King, Austin Phan, Cade Donahue, Caden Friesen, Cameron Willet, Connor Griffiths, Daegan Becker, Derek Saxman, Devin Harris, Duncan Yozzo, Hunter Montez, Jack Selberg, Jacob Macpherson, James Lovdokken, Jay Gelsomino, Nathan Harris, Orin Adolf, Orion Braham, Sam Grace, Wiley Watts, Zane Grace

If YOU DON’T need snowshoes, please communicate that.

James will be at Troop tomorrow so please get back to him via email or tell him tomorrow.



Bergs is offering scouts and scouters the opportunity to rent snow boots for our trip. The cost is $10 for a pair of snowboots and they can be picked up on Thursday before our trip.

They will need to be returned by Monday or additional fees will be tacked on. They just need to say they are with Troop 282. Since the person renting the boot needs to be sized for the boot this is something you will have to do on their own without the Troop being involved.


James Braham