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Good Evening Scouts and Scouters,

Can everyone please read this whole email. It affects our entire troop.

WHO: All Scouts who are 15, 16, and 17yo and their parents

WHEN: 8:30pm for 30 minutes in the First B Church’s Café right after TROOP

SUBJECT: Should we take on a new Duck Parking opportunity?

We have the opportunity to have additional jobs for Scouts and their parents for Duck Parking if we want it. Here is the opportunity:

We will want 3 Adults and 3 Scouts to work jobs from Kickoff until the lot is empty. This job will likely be 5 (or more) hours in length and some games go after midnight, and will pay at least $18/hour for the Scout. This job will have a higher pay scale than the other Duck Parking jobs because most of the work is done at night and requires lifting, picking up cones and signs, and Adults will help to direct traffic and drive the gator with a trailer around. (Adults won’t get paid but their hours count toward Scouter in Good Standing which gets free campouts and registration.)

Here’s the problem. I don’t know if we have enough Adults and Scouts to work the lot during parking and to do the Kickoff until go home job. If this job appeals to Scout/Adult combinations, then I need to know how many would be willing to do this for how many games.

Just adult participation during a game weekend, we need:

Friday night, 1 adult 6-11pm

Saturday morning, 2 adults for guard duty job (I can use adults of younger Scouts)

Saturday parking: 4 adults for parking (plus 1 adult of younger Scouts)

Saturday during the game until go home: 3 adults

Are adults willing to step up and help? If not, then Troop 282 needs to turn down this job.

I’m also very concerned that many of the responses I have received from Scouts about their availability says that the older Scouts are not available on Saturdays and are only available on Friday nights. So I am also in need of Cameron, Zak M, Billy, Austin, Devin, Joshua, William, Caden, Thomas, James, Brandon, and Wiley to tell me that between those 6 games, that they can work 4 of them either doing parking or this late gig.


If we accept this opportunity it could be our job in the future! It is is an amazing fundraising opportunity but again we need parents’ help!