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We are in need of one more driver for getting kids to summer camp. You don’t have to go to summer camp for the week just to deliver kids to camp. We already have a driver for the ride home at the end of the week. You will be reimbursed for gas. One driver can save our scouts the $700 it will cost to rent a van. Please contact James Braham if you are able to help.

Troop 282 Families,

This week at Troop please remember to turn in your Scout Uniform, neckerchief and slide this week at Troop. Please make sure to put it in a gallon sized plastic bag with your name on it. If you have not filled in your merit badges for Parsons, make sure you see Mrs. Darling to fill in those cards.

We will announce the drop off at Troop this week for Scouts to stop by and drop off their packed backpack and gear.

Reminder that we depart on Sunday morning early. Again the time for departure will be announced at Troop this week. Each Scout will need to wear Troop 282 t-shirt, bring a sack lunch and water bottle. Any Meds will be given to Committee Chair Paul Griffiths in their original bottle, in a plastic bag. If you are wanting your Scout to utilize a banker, Camping Coordinator James Braham will be ready to receive those funds on Sunday morning, make sure to use an envelope with your Scouts name on it and any directions for the banker.



A message from Dr Saxman: Need Med Forms from the following scouts. Please bring them to troop or email a copy to

Andrew HrubyBrandon Gamble
Cade Donahue
Duncan Yozzo
Gabriel Presley
Hunter Montez
Jeffrey Pelfrey
Joshua Hebert
Justin Gamble
Kobe Addison
Michael Maddy
Orin Adolf
Samuel Grace
Tyler Addison
Wiley Watts
William Thompson
Zane Grace