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This week we will be meeting in the music room or the performing arts center. The gym and cafeteria will be getting a floor makeover so we won’t have access to the stored items.

Please remember to you have your scout bring his class A in a gallon Zip Lock bag with his name on EVERYTHING: Bag, Shirt, neckerchief and slide. If you have a first year scout, he should also bring his handbook.

Speaking of names on everything… unless you are confident that your scout will not forget anything, or misplace anything, or leave anything, or drop anything all week… put his name on EVERYTHING. Sunblock, name. T-shirt, name. Water bottle, name. Deodorant, name. Everything he brings to summer camp should have his name on it. Believe me, we come home with a pile of random unclaimed items and it is easier to make sure you get it back if we know who it belongs to.

I read this article the other day and thought it might be helpful.
How to help Scouts avoid homesickness at summer camp

See you all tomorrow and remember no meeting next week on July 4 🙂