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Thanks for signing up for the whitewater rafting trip. Here is who I have signed up:

  • Duncan Y.
  • Devin H.
  • Jared O.
  • Andrew H.
  • Brandon G.
  • Nathan H.
  • Gabe P.
  • Jacob M.
  • Justin G.
  • Derek S.
  • Jay G.
  • Josiah M.
  • Taylor A.
  • Karl Saxman (meeting us at the Vida store by 10:10)
  • Bill Altmiller (driver plus 3)
  • Brian Gamble (driver plus 3)
  • Rob MacPherson (driver plus 6)

We will meet at 9:15 at my home (7462 B. St., Springfield, OR 97478) on the morning of August 7.

Please bring a signed copy of the attached permission form and waiver form (I will have some out to sign 8/1).

Drivers, if you have a Lane County Day Use Permit, please bring it. It will help us save the $4 per vehicle to park. Let me know if you have one by responding to baltmiller. Thanks! We will be carpooling to Vida Store at 10:15 and then heading to the departure location. The plan is for our Troop to be on 3 boats.

In short, what to bring: (an information sheet is attached to this email)

  • Hat
  • Close-toed Sandals or shoes you don’t mind getting wet
  • Bathing suit/synthetic clothes
  • Sunscreen
  • Water bottle
  • Lunch and snacks in a ziploc bag with your name written on the outside
  • Change of clothes and towel for at the end of the day (if you desire) these will be left in the vehicles for when we arrive at the take out.

Things NOT to bring:

  • Avoid Cotton Clothes (unless they are for putting on after the trip)
  • Flip flops
  • Water sensitive items/electronics

Please let me know of any questions while at troop on the 1st!

See you soon!


Finn FAQ – McKenzie River.pdf

Troop 282 Permission Form – White Water.xls

Waiver – 2017 T282 Float.pdf