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Hi Scouts and Scouters,

Those who are working on the hiking merit badge: the 20 mile hike is scheduled for June 3rd. Meet at 6am at the Albertsons on 57th and Main in Springfield. This hike is only open to Scouts who have completed the 15 mile hike around Waldo Lake or who have received approval from James Braham. Scouts should come with their own bag lunch along with their own water and necessary items for completing the 20 mile hike (listed in the Scout handbook) that they will pack. Please triple check all gear as soon as possible to ensure no one has outgrown their gear since it was used last (especially true for hiking boots!!) Sign up will be at this Tuesdays Troop meeting. For questions please reach out to James Braham 541-221-6464

Kind Regards,
James Braham