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Ahoy ye land-lubber Scouts and Scouters,

Troop 282 is planning a Spring Break 2017 return to BSA’s National High Adventure Sea Base located in the Florida Keys. The PLC discussed options at the last meeting and approved moving forward for the trip.

While that seems a long way off, we need to start planning now. The lottery to get slots at Sea Base for 2017 opens next month, in January 2016. At this point we need an indication of preliminary interest in going to Sea Base, so we know how many crews (boats) to request.

What: Sea Base High Adventure; sailing, snorkeling, fishing, swimming in the FL Keys.

When: Spring Break 2017

Who: Scouts who will be at least 13 y/o AND have finished 8th grade by Summer of 2017 (even though we are going in the Spring, before 8th grade is finished for the year, they are still eligible).

Why: Because it involves boats, scouts, pirate talk, luaus and FUN

Costs: Preliminary estimate is $1900-2100 range, including costs of Sea Base, transportation to/from Sea Base and lodging/meals along the way. Sea Base has offered scholarships in the past to help defer costs. And we will have Duck Parking to help the boys raise funds.

Crews of 8 Scouts/Scouters are needed per boat we request. At this time, we need a preliminary show of hands for who might be interested in going.

Please reply to me (laine.murphey) or to SM Altmiller (baltmiller) indicating:
1. If you want to go
2. How many scouts and how many scouters

That is arrr!