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Hello Troop,

Please respond if this is accurate or inaccurate. We have a 25 person limit, so I still have a few spaces available.

The trip is from July 28th to August 4th. We anticipate it costing $300, which includes all travel, food and an half-day kayaking trip (

Once confirmed, your account will be charged a non-refundable deposit of $75)


In all my trips to the San Juan Islands, I have never encountered rain, it is in a rain shadow and only gets 20 inches per year.

I have the following Scouts and Scouters signed up:

Andrew King

Brandon Gamble

Cade Donahue

Derek Saxman

Hunter Montez

Jack Selberg

James Hebert

Jared Olmstead

Josh Hebert

Josh Nasshahn

Justin Gamble

Nathan Harris

Taylor Altmiller

Wiley Watts

Bill Altmiller

Brian Gamble

Brian Watts

Karen King

Karl Saxman

Michael Donahue

Randy King

Thanks for your time,

Karen King