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Good afternoon scouts & scoutes,

It is getting to be that time of year again – yes we are nearing the holidays and with that in mind the Troop has its annual Johnson Brothers Poinsettia Fundraiser. We will start taking pre-orders now. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Johnson Brothers poinsettias – they are spectacular. They are always big and beautiful. We have been selling them for several year and they are always a huge hit with our customers.

We have 3 sizes available 4.5′, 6.5" and 8" (these are the pot sizes). The 2 smaller ones are the more popular – the 8" ones are huge and did I say beautiful!! There are 5 colors available as well – red, white, pink, marbled (a cream/pink combo) and jingle (red/white mix).

They also have their gift cards available – these (in my opinion) are one of the best things out there – your customers buy a $25/$50 card and can go out and purchase that amount in product. They are going to buy the product anyways, so why not buy a gift card from a scout and we all win. You probably have heard me say that same line during our spring gift card sale. These cards are good clear through Dec 31 2016. So they can be used for over a year!

I plan on coming to circle time tonight as well to get these out, but I wanted to get this order form out to all you parents so you had the info now in case you aren’t able to be at troop tonight. I am also attaching a photo I got off their Facebook page so you can get an idea of what they look like. I hope to have a flyer available as well to go with the order forms, but I don’t have it yet. We only have a few weeks to get these preorders together – I need all the orders from the boys by Tuesday 10/27/15 . My hope is to have them available to pick up the 1st week of December. I’ll let you know that date when it is firmed up with Johnson’s.

If you have ANY questions about this fundraiser, please don’t hesitate to either call or email me. Our profits range from $6.25 on the small ones up to $8.75 on the large and 20% on the gift cards, so this can really add up if your hope is to help fund next year’s summers camp or just your scouting activities in general.

Thanks all and happy selling…


Karen Pappel


2015 282 poinsettia order form.pdf