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Reminder: Tuesday June 2 will be the day for Physical Examinations for those boys who are eligible and wish to have there physical exams done through the troop. These are offered to the boys who had their physical exam done by their own doctor last year. This is offered because many insurances do not cover yearly physical examinations, and BSA requires these forms be updated yearly (especially for anyone going to summer camp or participating in the high adventure/ Oregon Caves trip). Dr Murphey and Dr Weller (aka Harkins) will do the examination during troop meeting time. The boys’ ISA will be charged $25, which will be a donation to the general fund.
The following boys are eligible to have their Physical Examinations completed through the troop this year. If your boy is eligible, and you would like him to have his exam done through the troop, please :
1. email Dr Weller (harkinsannette) this week to let her know.
2. print out a copy of the 4 page BSA medical form from the following link
Please fill out Parts A and B (the first three pages) and have the scout bring this form with him to troop meeting on Tuesday June 2. After completing part C, Dr Weller will make copies of the completed form, including a copy for the Scout that well be returned at the following troop meeting. It is important that dates for immunizations are completed – especially the date of the last tetanus. If your scout is not immunized (for medical, personal or religious reasons), please provide a brief note stating this.

If you have any questions about the above, please contact me directly – email is the best way to contact me : harkinsannette

Boys that are eligible this year: Kobe and Tyler Addison, Orin Adolf, Daegan Becker, Logan Darling, Caden Friesen, Brandon Gamble, Justin Gamble, Devin Harris, James Hebert, Andrew King, Josiah MacPherson, Michael Maddy, Hunter Montez, Fisher Noe, Jeffrey Pelfry, Ethan Phan, Gabriel Pressly, Valentin Tanasevso, CJ Rutherford, Derek Saxman, Wiley Watts.

Annette Harkins Weller