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For the season, Troop 282 expects to have 39 Scouts working Duck Parking at one time or another. We are targeting 16-20 hours for those Scouts older than 14, and 8-10 hours for those Scouts under 14. That includes cans & bottles collection. We are also targeting over $15/hour, or over $13,000 earned by the entire Troop 282 — so that gives you an idea of how big this fundraiser is.

Mr. Harkins is still waiting for some Scouts schedules before he can publish the master schedule for the season. However, he has put together the schedule for the first game (Sept 1 & Sept 2). Please review it and be sure that if your name is here, that you do not have any conflicts and will be able to work those hours.

Here is the first game schedule (Ducks vs Southern Utah):

Friday, Sept 1:

6pm – 8pm: [Concierge] Hunter Montez (Deb Montez & Carlo Yozzo)

6pm – 11pm: [Concierge] William Thompson (Brian Thompson)

Saturday, Sept 2:

6:00am-8:45am [Guard Duty Scout Access Way] Duncan Yozzo, Jacob MacPherson (Rob MacPherson & Carlo Yozzo)

8:45am-11:30a [Guard Duty Scout Access Way] Cade Donahue, Taylor Altmiller (Michael Donahue, Bill Altmiller)

11:30am-5:15p [Parking] James Hebert*, Nathan Harris, Josiah MacPherson, Derek Saxman, Orion Braham(money exchange only)

(Carlo Yozzo*, Nicole Harris, James Braham, Scott Adolf, other adults: contact harkinsdon to sign up)

4:30pm-7:30pm [Cans&Bottles] Michael Maddy, Ethan Phan, Orin Adolf, Connor Griffiths, Taylor Altmiller, Evan Phan
(Margaret Maddy, Tony Phan, Scott Adolf, Paul Griffiths-pickup, Bill Altmiller-pickup)

4:45pm: [GoHome] Brandon Gamble & Thomas Olson (Brian Gamble & Kevin Olson)

* Denotes Scout Lot Leader and Adult Lot Leader

Note that the Game Kickoff Time will be at 5:15pm.