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PLC at 6 pm

Looking forward to a review of Rendezvous and a discussion on layering and how to pack for the winter season of camping.

This is the last meeting for ScoutMaster Conferences.

Court of Honor October 17th 6:30 pm.


Candy Bars and Meatsticks:

Madeleine will be bringing the rest of the candy bars and meat sticks to the meeting. She will be there a little before 7:00 and will be handing out product from her van in the parking lot so please look for her my van.

More can be ordered and will be here on October 9, so it’s not too late to start or to order more!!!!

Unsold Product return (NO open candy bar boxes and full bags of meatsticks) and all money will be due November 7th.

Johnson Brothers Fall Fundraiser:

The deadline for orders is November 1st. For best selection, I can place orders earlier and then add to it.

Gift Cards are available in 25 or 50 increments.

Poinsettias will be available to pick up from Karen King November 28th (time announced in a later email).

PARENTS please come in and join the troop at circle for announcements at 8:15 pm. Find out what is being planned in the future!


SMA, Madeleine Olmstead, Karen King and Deb Watts