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Good Afternoon Scouts and Scouters,

Regular Troop Meeting on Tuesday.

ORDERS and Money are due to Karen Pappel for Poinsettias at Troop this Tuesday!

Service opportunity at the Harvest Fest at Camp Harlow (October 31st).
Do we have a Scouter who would be willing to lead this opportunity?
Contact Scoutmaster Altmiller for details. Scouts are needed to help!

Flag ceremony opportunity at Eugene Christian School for Veteran’s Day (November 11th). Need to arrive by 1:20 done by 2:30. Please contact Scoutmaster Altmiller if you are available.


Scouting for Food on November 14th! Details will be coming out at Troop meetings!

The Troop is in need of a Parent to volunteer to coordinate Scouting for Food.
It is not a huge time commitment.
You need to be there helping a group of scouts.
Assign streets in our allocated area to groups of scouts and parents.
Help co-ordinate transportation of collected food items to the Scout office.

Please email Deb Watts if you are interested.

Scouts this is a mandatory event. Troop 282 needs to help those less fortunate with food during this holiday time. We need to be leaders in this effort!

Following Scouting for Food there is a locker moving on the 14th. About 10 are needed to help move lockers to a new locker bay. Scoutmaster Altmiller is leading this one.

See you at Troop this week!

Scoutmaster Altmiller