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We need Adult help parking of RVs and cars at the Armory lot for the Dead & Co concert on June 30. We would like to cover the following shifts:

Friday, Friday June 29, 6pm – 11pm, and (2 people)

Saturday, June 30, 7am – 11am (2 people)

Saturday, June 30, 11am – 2pm (2 people)

Saturday, June 30, 2pm – 7pm (4 people)

Because it is for the (Grateful) Dead band, the Council is not allowing Scouts to work the lot. The Friday night shift is pretty easy (bring a book to read). The Saturday afternoon shift will be aiding in parking cars.

Here’s the catch – this money earned cannot go into your son’s ISA, it must go to the Troop because you believe that Scouting is a good service. This job earns $25/hour for the Troop. Your son does benefit because it will offset the cost of summer camp. Also, the time that adults work goes to your standing as ‘Star Scouter’ for 2019. After working 20 hours at fundraisers, your Adult camping expenses, registration, and expenses are paid for by the Troop.

Finally, by giving up just a few hours of your time by working the Armory parking lot, we are ensuring that T282 continues our monopoly on this lot during Duck Season. It’s also great opportunity to support Troop 282 for going to summer camp!

Please email Mr. Harkins if you are able to help. (harkinsdon)

Thank you,

Don Harkins