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It is official! Our next troop meeting we move to the activity uniform (class B).

Please make sure to speak with your Scout concerning the wandering through the building at ECS. Scouts should not be in classroom, behind the front desk or even reaching over the front desk.

I reminded them at the last troop meeting that a Scout is respectful and that does include the meeting place we are blessed to meet in.

We are also looking to replace some of the moving blankets that we use to secure the patrol boxes in the trailer. If you have some that you are willing to bless the troop with, just bring them to troop and Orion will get them put into the rotation!

Adult training:

“Introduction to Outdoor Leader Skills” will be conducted at the June 16-18 campout the troop is having at Kitson, just outside of Oakridge.

Sign ups begin THIS Tuesday night. Please look for the sheet on the sign-in table.

Plan on staying at least one night with us, and through the evening campfire on Saturday to complete the training.

Questions? Contact Cathi Busse, Committee Chair: csbusse (541)953-4228.

This training is part of the series required by the troop to attend overnight campouts with Troop 282, in additions to the Scoutmaster Essentials training.

See you at Troop!