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The troop meeting this week will be at Coburg Fire Station at 7:00 pm.

Planning for campout on June 15th and Bicycling Merit Badge.

Advancement News:

June Court of Honor is just around the corner, (JUNE 26th) and that boys should be working now towards getting their merit badges and ranks signed off if they’d like to be awarded at the next Court of Honor.

The last day to turn in signed merit badge cards will be June 19th, and the last day for a Scoutmaster Conference will be June 12th, unless they make arrangements with me otherwise.

Scouts may e-mail me directly at gweneviere, or may call me at 509-886-5793 if they have any questions, or need to schedule a board of review.

Scoutmaster conferences are available on 12th with Mr. Adolf, while Mr. Altmiller is out of town.