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Good Evening Scouts and Scouters:

This week at troop we have several things going:

1. Parent meeting for summer camp! Mrs. Hammond and I have lots to share with you!

Meet in Room 203. Signs should be posted.

2. Clothing/gear exchange, please bring it and take it!

3. Scouts will be working on the game design merit badge some more.

4. Cameron will also cover the finer points of foot safety, including why we pick our feet up at summer camp!

Please remember the Philmont crew in your prayers as they depart on Tuesday. They have an amazing trip ahead of them!

Emails for the next month will be sent from Deb Montez.

Have a wonderful month and fun at summer camp all!

The Philmont crew is ready to for our adventure! Thanks for your thoughts and keeping us in your daily prayers!


Deb Watts