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This week we are going into the snow here are some great things to remember.

It’s that time of the year when we break out the winter gear and head out for some chilly, exciting winter camping adventures. I thought it was a good time to throw out some things to consider when getting out there in the cold.

This short list should at least get you thinking about your winter adventure:

  • When setting up camp, find a place out of the wind and on higher ground. Cold air settles in low ground. Camp away from your water source, it’s probably in the lowest area and will be colder. Get in the trees as best you can to get shelter from the wind. Look up and make sure there are no “widow makers”, you know, those branches that will fall and put an end to your winter camping adventure. Shake the tree a bit to drop some of the snow.
  • Stomp out a tent platform. It will make it easier to set up the tent and give you a solid, level place to sleep.
  • Never cook in your tent. If you need to get out of the elements, carefully use your vestibule as a wind-break. NO FLAMES in the tent.
  • A closed cell foam pad (CCF) on top of an inflatable pad makes for a comfortable insulated place to sleep. Fluff up your sleeping bag and let it breath for a bit before you get in.
  • Pitch your tent tight to manage moisture. A tight pitch will keep the rain fly away from the main body allowing air to flow. A tight pitch will also protect against the wind and allow for snow to run off.
  • Make sure to “empty” before you hit the sack. Make sure your bladder is empty before you go to bed. Don’t hold it because it is cold. You need to be empty to stay warm.
  • Drink a hot beverage and stoke the internal furnace before you settle in. Eating a high fat snack before hitting the sack will get the body working for a warm nights sleep.
  • Heat up water. Fill up your water bottles with boiling water. Make sure they are sealed up tight. One in the sleeping bag will put out some heat for you and will give you water for your morning routine. If you don’t want to put the water in your sleeping bag, put the bottle in a sock and store upside down. It should be good to go in the morning.
  • Strip down to your base layer when sleeping. This will regulate temperature and make it easier to stay warm in the morning. Jacket under the head area of the sleeping bag and boots under the foot area will keep them warm and ready for the morning.

If you don’t remember anything else remember this… It is easier to stay warm than to get warm. Do what you need to do to stay warm. Move, eat, and prepare for the cold and you will have fun adventures while winter camping.