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To all families of Troop 282: Fundraising allows our Troop to operate at its full potential!

What is TTT?

TTT (Time Treasure Talent) is considered a tithe to the Troop. In addition to Troop Dues, Troop 282 has a Time, Talents and Treasures requirement where the goal is to encourage the Scout to work to earn money for their expenses of camping with Troop 282. Troop 282 provides several fundraising opportunities, such as selling popcorn, meatsticks, candy bars, Johnson Bros Spring Vouchers & Christmas Poinsettias, Duck parking, 6th Street Grill and Papa’s Coupons and other miscellaneous Scout labor opportunities. For providing these opportunities, the Troop deducts the first 10% of the profit as a commission to pay for merit badge and advancement awards, maintaining safe equipment and keeping Troop 282 running efficiently!

Here is an example of how it works:

A Scout sells $100 of candy bars and meat sticks and this yields a profit of 25%=$25.

Troop 282 in turn subtracts 10% of the profit as TTT which is $2.50.

This Scout will actually earn $22.50 (22.5%) and this is the exact amount that will go into his ISA for selling $100 of candy and meatsticks.

It is expected that each Scout earns $400 in profit per year, which would result in $40 to the Troop. The Troop plans the annual budget with the expectation that each Scout will contribute at least $40 to the Troop. This is how we are able to keep the Troop Dues low. This year, there is no longer a requirement to meet a minimum of TTT, but we want to encourage all Scouts to use fundraising to pay for their Scouting activities. Participation in fundraising is a requirement if a Scout is to receive campership consideration.

Thanks to all of our fundraiser volunteers, our Treasurer and parents who spend time canvassing with their Scouts. Our team effort enables our Scouts to earn money to pay for their fun adventures where they learn valuable skills such as leadership, first aid, wilderness survival, and make lasting friendships at the same time!

Any Questions, please ask the Treasurer (Don), Fundraising Coordinator (Jay) or Scoutmaster!