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Hello Current Scouts, Scouters, and Parents,

We have currently went live with our T282 Private Group page on FaceBook. Some of you might be wondering why we are creating a private group page in addition to having the Troop 282 public FB page? The public page is awesome and allows the Troop to really show the community what the Troop is all about. However, it does not allow for the Troop to communicate very efficiently with its own Scouts (if they have FB), parents and Scouters. This page will allow us to push out invites to events/outings etc. and easily/electronically track who signs up etc. This will also allow our fearless leaders to post directions to events as well as additional information for parents and Scouts (i.e. camping/packing list) that can be accessible anytime. Another benefit is this will help our Troop cut down on paper use which will help the environment as well as the Troops admin budget (every penny counts). This group page is only for current active members of T282 as well as the adult leaders and parents/guardians of T282 Scouts. We encourage any friends a Scout may have or additional family members and/or past T282 members to follow the public page. You will be receiving an invite to the page either via FB or through your email to join the group page, it is a private group so you can not join without an invite. Please do let us know if you have any questions or you don’t receive an invite in the next 24-48 hours.

If you do not use Facebook, that is ok, you will still receive emails and get all the needed information after Troop meetings at the circle.