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Scouts and Parents:

Please note the time changes for Guard Duty!!! Also, we are in need of additional adults to work this first game. Please contact Mr. Yozzo at cyozzo if you are an adult and can help work Duck Parking from 11:30am – 5:15pm on Saturday.

Here is the first game schedule (Ducks vs Southern Utah):

Friday, Sept 1:

6pm – 8pm: [Concierge] Hunter Montez (Deb Montez & Carlo Yozzo)

6pm – 11pm: [Concierge] William Thompson (Brian Thompson)

Saturday, Sept 2:

6:00am-9:00am [Guard Duty Scout Access Way] Duncan Yozzo, Jacob MacPherson (Rob MacPherson & Carlo Yozzo)

9:00am-12:15a [Guard Duty Scout Access Way] Cade Donahue, Taylor Altmiller (Michael Donahue, Bill Altmiller)

11:30am-5:15p [Parking] James Hebert*, Nathan Harris, Josiah MacPherson, Gabe Pressly, Orion Braham(money exchange only)