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Scouts and Scouters please read the following information from Madeleine regarding our Candy and Meat Stick Fundraiser:

PLEASE RESPOND DIRECTLY TO MADELEINE if you want to be involved in this fundraiser and how much product you will need (please try to commit to what you order this makes it easier for ALL concerned!!)


It is once again time for candy bar and meat stick sales!

Please have your scouts think about their goals for selling and how they plan to do this. We will again have booth sales available on the weekends for those who are interested.

They can also sell door to door with someone, sell to friends and family, and sell at places that you have connections like work or retirement homes.

It costs $1 each for either a candy bar or a meat stick or they can take donations. You get more sales if you ask, “How many would you like?”

I will be getting the meat sticks and candy bars on September 12. Booth sales begin on September 14. The money and any unopened product are due October 30.

Please let me know how many bags of meat sticks (12 sticks per bag) and boxes of candy bars (60 bars to a box) you would like. I need to know by September 5.

There is no penalty for returning an unopened bag or box of product in good condition, but they are really heavy, so don’t go too crazy estimating high.

Remember that it needs to be stored somewhere safe and cool so it won’t get damaged or melted! I have last year’s numbers if you need to know.

Each $168 in product that the scout sells will enter them in a drawing. The top 5 sellers in the council will get a $50 Walmart gift card. the top 25 sellers in the council will be invited to a luncheon and Duck basketball game. And the prize sheet for this year is at, Council ID 697OTC (that’s the letter O). I will also have handouts of the prize sheet when you pick up product.

The scouts will receive a 25% commission, plus we get 2% more for returning less than 10% of what we check out and another 3% if we sell 10% more than last year as a troop.

This is a really easy product to sell since it only costs $1. And people will sometimes just donate cash or even buy the scout a candy bar!

Let me know if you have any questions.

Madeleine Olmstead