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So far, 7 families have checked out Camp Cards! These are the spring fundraiser instead of candy bars and meat sticks. The cards sell for $5 and have a coupon that can be used for $10 off a $50 purchase at Big 5 AND $5 off a $30 purchase at Joann’s Fabric. In addition, there is a code to use for the Entertainment app.

The scout can return any unsold cards by April 17 along with their money. They get $2.25 for each Camp Card sold. Here is a link for more information:

I can check out cards to you if you email me that you need them. I am usually there at the beginning of troop meeting. My email is: bryanmadeleine

The district has set up booth sales. I selected some for our troop. I didn’t select slots on the weekends that campouts were scheduled. Our slots are:

Saturday, March 24
Joann’s Eugene 10-2
Joann’s Eugene 12-2
Joann’s Eugene 2-4
Joann’s Springfield 12-2
Joann’s Springfield 2-4
Big 5 2-4

Saturday, March 31
Big 5 2-4

Saturday, April 7
Big 5 12-2 – Adolf
Big 5 2-4 – Hebert
Fred Meyer 10-12
Fred Meyer 2-4

Saturday, April 14
Big 5 12-2 – Jen
Big 5 2-4 – Watts
Fred Meyer Division 10-12
Fred Meyer Division 12-2
Fred Meyer Division 2-4

If you want to view the entire schedule, the booth sale link is:

I can request any blank slots. There are choices at Albertsons, Joann’s, Big 5, Coastal, and Fred Meyer. Please let me know directly and I can contact Abbie. She wants just one contact person per troop for clarity.