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Good Morning Parents, Scouts and Scouters,

This is the last email I will be sending out to the troop regarding Candy and Meat Sticks and then it will be to those who only signed out product.

SO if you change your mind let me know in the next day or two.

I have product at my house if you NEED to pick it up.

The Booth Sale Time Slots will be going out tonight for you to choose one.

Please send me 4 times with first time being the one you want the most, to the 4th one which you could do but least desirable.

Thank you Carolyn for getting as many slots as we could and picking times/days for us.

FYI it is very hard to get the slots we actually want as it is all about who presses the SEND email first. Please understand that we are doing our best to get our troop some booths where you want but these booths are very hard to get.

That being said I won’t be doing a first come first serve for booth sales but you will need to get back to me by Friday at noon.

We will work with your schedules so all scouts interested can be at one booth sale. The chances of working 2 depend on how many scouts want to work a booth sale and of course their availability.

YOU can go out and try to get booth sales on your own but please check with me before you ask.

I know WINCO and Bi-Mart do not allow booth sales and you need to wait until after the girl scouts are finished with their booth sales (that date is March 12).

Regards and I will have the times available out by 9pm.

Deb Watts