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Hi Scouts and Scouters,

If you are working on the Cycling Merit Badge &/or you are training to ride the San Juan Islands this summer, then you may be interested in this bike ride.

I would like to lead an 11.62-mile ride this Saturday morning (5/12). ​The route is
from First Baptist Church (1stB) to Valley River Center (VRC) on the east side of the Willamette river, and from VRC back to 1stB on the west side of the river.

If you would like to do this ride, please meet me at 1stB at 9:00 AM with your bike, helmet and full water bottle. We will do some prep. in the parking lot and then ride the route. We plan to be back at 1stB by 11:00 AM. The boys who need to will call their parents about 30 minutes before we finish the ride.

​I hope to see you on Saturday morning…​

Randy​ King​

email: randy.king.usa

cell: (541) 520-7773