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Good Evening Scouts and Scouters,

WECOME BACK SEABASE SCOUTS and SCOUTERS. Hope you all had a fun trip!

I hope everyone else had a great spring break! This week at troop we will begin to work toward success at Camporee.

We have a PLC at 6 pm. This PLC will only be attended by the Senior Patrol Leader, Assistant Senior Patrol Leader, Quartermaster and the 4 Patrol leaders. See you all there.

Scoutmaster Altmiller


Anyone who wants to buy some candy and meatsticks from scouts in our troop (if your scout didn’t sell any) and you would like a few let us know!

IF YOU ARE SELLIND CANDY and MEAT STICKS and you don’t think you will sell them please bring back to Carolyn at the April 4th Meeting. She will be returning product on Wednesday.

As well if you need more product she can check out some out to you this Tuesday.


Mrs. Busse is looking for any and all “used” Pack 413 Class B t-shirts that your son might have outgrown and no longer needs.

Either the bright yellow one with the Eagle and flag on it, or the navy blue one with the sports balls on it.

If you happen to still have one that is in good shape and wearable, please bring to her this coming Tuesday night in Cubmaster Michelle’s classroom at ECS. Many thanks!


Deb Watts