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Good Morning Scouts and Scouters,

Tomorrow at the Troop meeting will be a working on the trailer dry out and organizing the inside to get ready for our May Campouts.

PLEASE attend the meeting and help out even if you were not on the outing as this is to prepare for the May Campouts and Summer Camp!

Sean Murphey will run a totin chip class for the scouts who have just crossed over to Troop 282.

So please new Cross overs bring your knives!

Service Opportunity:

Annual Day of Prayer, May 7th at 8:45 till 9:05. If you can be a flag bearer for this special day at Eugene Christian School, our community would be appreciative.

Please contact Scoutmaster Altmiller at baltmiller

May 9: Zak Moore’s Eagle Project in the morning (time and location sent out soon!)

May 9: Mighty Women of Vision Heroes Challenge

Please try to sign up for one of these projects!


Deb Watts