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Greetings Scouts,

It was great to see everyone last night at the troop meeting; and I hope everyone had a great time on spring break. The spring scouting season has arrived, and coming up this month is the Webelos crossovers from pack 413 into our troop as well as others.

The pack (413) Crossover is scheduled for April 23rd, please try to be at this troop meeting to welcome the new Webelos into our troop.

Please wear your class A uniforms with neckerchief, jeans are o.k.

As a troop, there has been considerable effort to attract new scouts to join our troop.

We have had numerous open house events, and there has been a lot of outreach on social media. This is one of the most important things we all can do to benefit our troop.

Remember that these new scouts will see how you all interact, and that will have an impact on these new scouts, whether you’re aware of it or not. Not only will the new scouts see your interactions but new parents will as well.

This is our opportunity to make a great first impression; we all only get one chance for a first impression so let’s all try to make it a great one.

Please try to be in attendance for this event.


Paul Griffiths

Troop Committee Chair

Troop 282 Oregon Trail Council