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Hello Troop 282,

Our Smith Rock Camp out is at the end of the week and I will need permission forms Tuesday night. One is the usual permission form we use for all camp outs and the other is a permission form for the boys to climb. Adults may get a chance if time allows it, but it is not guaranteed. Please note the climbing form has TWO pages. A front and a back. Last week some adults signed only one side, I need both sides filled out for your Scout to climb. I also need their shoe size tomorrow. Do not wait till Friday to give me that info. It will do us no good. Please feel free to text me shoe sizes, e-mail me shoe sizes and permission forms or give them to me tomorrow. Please don’t wait till Friday. We have a long drive and will be trying to get out of there as quick as possible.

Kind regards,

James Braham



Grp Reg_Liab 17 .pdf

Copy of Troop 282 Permission Form – Smith Rock 2018.pdf