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Hello Scouts and Parents,

We have been asked by Love INC to help with a small service project next Wednesday. There are 2 pallets of Pavers/Bricks to be relocated from a garage to a new location outside (about 30 feet away). This can be done using hands (passing bricks down the line) or wheelbarrows, depending on what works best with the size of the team. My contact person estimates that it will take a team of 5-6 scouts and 2 leaders about 1 hour to complete the project. I’m going to plan for a 2 hour time slot just in case, but we can call parents if we’re finishing early. We have a date arranged with the homeowner, but I have listed 2 time options below. We will go with the most preferred time slot and of course, the time slot with at least 2 required adults. Please email me: jennfriesen (Caden’s mom) and let me know if you’re available for one or both time slots. I’ll get back to you all with the final time after I hear back from enough scouts. This is an easy way to get 1 or 2 service hours and help someone in the community J Thanks for your help in advance!

Paver Relocation Service Project

When: Wednesday, July 15th

Time: Please let me know if you are available from 1-3 or 6-8 or if both times work for you. I need scouts and adults to respond…we must have 2 adults.

Where: 3068 Calla Street, Eugene OR 97404 (Santa Clara area)

Bring: Work gloves, closed toe shoes/boots, water, also let me know if you can bring a wheel barrow