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Parents and leaders of Troop 282,

I just want to say THANK YOU to the all the parents and leaders who showed up for Tuesday night’s Scoutbook class! I really appreciated your support, your genuine interest, and your helpful feedback!

If you missed the class, I will be presenting virtually all the same information at October’s Round Table meeting on Thursday, October 4th, at 7:00pm, at the LDS church on North Danebo. As always, Round Tables are always open to all parents and leaders!

A few reminders from the class:

  • Parents, please bring me your child’s partial merit badges! I’d love to help you get their completed requirements in the system so that your scout can easily view their progress, and reference what they have left to finish!
  • Parents, please add your child’s photo in Scoutbook. This is both for convenience for things like record keeping and attendance taking, but also to help other scouts, parents, and leaders learn your child’s name (*points to self*). If you’d prefer, I’d be happy to snap a quick photo of your child on a Tuesday and update their photo for you, upon your request.
  • Leaders, please update your photo as well, so newer scouts and parents can have an easier time of learning who’s who. I’m also happy to take a quick snapshot and update your photo for you any Tuesday if you want. 🙂
  • Parents and leaders, please remember to be working off of CURRENT rank requirements for your scout (which are always up-to-date in Scoutbook for your convenience), unless you make special arrangements with myself or Mr. Altmiller otherwise.
  • If you want to subscribe to our troop’s calendar with your personal electronic calendar (iCal, Outlook, Google), here’s the link to our Scoutbook calendar: If you want help figuring out how to do this, please let me know!

A few things I forgot to mention in the class:

  • If you have an older scout with their own e-mail address, who would like to have access to their Scoutbook account, you may connect them to their account by going to your child’s "edit profile" page, scroll to the very bottom, then click the big red "invite to connect" button.
  • There are several "quick entry" menus available to leaders, which also allow leaders to check off requirements for multiple scouts at once. This is a feature which may come in handy as we get more familiar with how to incorporate Scoutbook in the operations and management of our troop. If you are a leader and would like more information on what you can do with these "quick entry" menus or how to use them, please let me know.
  • One other optional feature Scoutbook has built in is the ability to manage payments and charges to Individual Scout Accounts (funds). I have not investigated or tested this feature, nor can I vouch for how functional/convenient it is. But the idea of having this information available to families at the touch of a button is intriguing, so I just wanted to put it out there as a potential option. If this is something anyone would like our troop to look into, please share your feedback with myself, Karen (our treasurer), or Paul (committee chair). Thanks!

Answers to a few questions that came up in class:

  • Is there a way in the calendar menu to find out who’s planning on going to a campout, for logistics and coordination? YES, there is! Leaders with calendar privileges can edit an event and "RSVP" which scouts are going, which are then visible for all to see. This is not something we’ve been doing regularly, but we could do in the future. If this would be useful to you, please share your feedback with myself, Bill (scoutmaster), James B, or Scott (our assistant scoutmasters), and let us know. Also, if you are a leader and would like permission to be able to edit events and add RSVP’s, let me know so I can assign you those permissions in Scoutbook. Thanks!
  • In the messaging menu, is there a way for [non-leader] parents to send messages to other parents? There should be! After all, your scout, if they have their own account set up, has the ability to message other [non-leader] parents, so I think you should, too! I am working on getting an answer to this from the helpful Scoutbook support staff, and will let you know. 🙂