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Good evening,

Thought time had come for some quick reminders.

If your Scout has medications that need to be taken while gone to Summer Camp, please put them in a ziploc bag with you Scouts name clearly written on the outside. Please make sure all medications are in the original prescription bottle. Any notes that we need to be aware of should be included. These will be turned in on the morning of departure to Mr. Lovedokken.

If your Scout wishes to use Mr. Braham as banker, please make sure to include an envelope with Scouts name and any instructions for the weeks expenditures. Give your envelopes to Mr. Braham on Saturday morning as well.

#1 Don’t forget to pack a crazy tie!

#2 Label everything!!!!!!

#3 Mesh laundry bag.

#4 Adults, don’t forget your Scout Uniform, neckerchief and slide!

#5 Meet at 6:30 am on Saturday morning, bring a sack lunch (mom don’t send any tupperware, it won’t come back), water bottle and some snacks.

#6 I am accepting some movies for the road. The van will have a DvD player, let me know what you will be bringing. Label it clearly!

#7 Please stay, pray with us, take pictures and send us off on Saturday even though it will be early!

Lastly, if there is anything you feel I need to know about your Scout before I spend 2 weeks with them, please let me know in the parking lot.

Have a blessed evening!

Scoutmaster Altmiller