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Good Morning Scouts and Scouters,

FIRST please let me know if you do not want to be on this popcorn group email.

Just a friendly reminder regarding popcorn you may like to PRE-ORDER. This allows you to bring the product with you as you sell door to door (customers like to buy product when you have it! Caramel Corn sells for $10 is recommended to bring with you).

Other options: bringing popcorn to the DUCK PARKING LOTS!!!!!!

Walk around and sell to DUCK football fans needing more treats to munch on!

YOU NEED TO LET ME KNOW HOW MUCH POPCORN YOU WANT TO ORDER BY TONIGHT AT 9pm (this is your second email about this)

Thanks to those who already got back to me about pre-orders.

Once you put in this order you are committed to selling it. (but I will do my best to use it for other orders if you cannot sell it)

Show and sell popcorn will be available September 23rd (I have a very limited schedule and it must be picked up the 23rd, 24th or 30th and onward (I am out of town 25th to 29th).

I may be able to drop off at Troop on October 6th.


Scouts are under no obligation to commit to show and sell Popcorn.

You have until October 31st to sell popcorn (going door to door) Please let customers know that Popcorn will be delivered to them around THANKSGIVING (week before)

PLEASE have customers make Checks to your Parents.

Collecting money from customers when they order is highly recommended.

Parents will make one grand total check for all Product sold to TROOP 282.

OUR TROOP will have it’s own Show and Sell Product that you can sign out and sell at Booth sales. (information will be given in mid September regarding Booth Sales).

Thanks and have a safe, fun Labour Day Weekend!

Deb Watts