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Note all scouts interested in Booth Sales will have the opportunity to work.

I am awaiting more booth times and will be sending out emails while in Canada but please be patient as I will have access once a day or so (mornings and evenings)

PLEASE LET EMAIL the group IF YOU CANNOT WORK YOUR SHIFT and someone will take it!

September 25th: Michael Maddy (Freddie Meyer Division6-8pm)

September 25th : Cameron Willet (55 Division Albertsons 4-6pm)

September 27: Jay (Freddie Meyer Division 4-6pm)

September 27: Josiah and Jacob(Freddie Meyer Division 6-8pm)

October 4th: Wiley Watts (Albertsons 4- 6pm)

October 9th: Devin Harris (Fred Meyers Division 6-8pm)

October 9th: Kobe Addison (Coburg Albertsons 4-6pm)

October 10: Tyler Addison (Fred Meyers Division 10am- Noon)

October 11: Nathan Harris (Fred Meyers Division 10am- noon)

October 17th: Jean Carlos (Coburg Albertsons 4- 6pm)

October 17th : Andrew King (Fred Meyer Division12-2pm)

October 18th: Dane Walton (Fred Meyer Division 4-6pm)

October 18th: Logan Darling (Fred Meyer Division 2pm-4pm)

Friendly reminder that October 27th for our Troop as I have to have all orders in at TROOP

AND LIKELY THE MONEY (you may have to front money for your customers…this is always the way our Troop has done this but talk to me if you have questions.

DEBBIE MONTEZ has extra product at her house presently.

You can call or txt her at 541-954-5087 to set up a time to pick (she and Hunter will be working Duck parking Saturday morning and evening).


Deb Watts