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Good Evening all,

This email is for those who could not attend the meeting tonight and/or those on the fence about selling popcorn!

I am the popcorn kernel and welcome any questions.

Right now because I have went to all required meetings we earn 37%☺ (instead of 33%).

Our troop needs 75% participation (roughly 30 scouts) or we need to sell $4052.50 to earn 40%! SO if you want to support our troop just buy one bag! Let me know and you don’t even need an order form!

IF you are going to sell POPCORN this year READ ON:

By September 3rd (email me) let me know if you want some product to show and sell (going door to door).

I will have the product for you the evening of the 23rd and 24th of September.

Take a look at your product sheet and I can check if those are available for show and sell. The caramel corn ($10) is a pretty easy sale if you have it with you!

We will be working booth sales in October and I will send information on as I receive it.


Deb Watts

541 684-3340