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Good Morning Scouts and Scouters,

Troop 282 is starting a Papas Pizza Fundraiser this Tuesday (August 16th) until August 30th.

This is how it works:

Scouts who want to participate sign out flyers directly from me this Tuesday and on August 23rd after circle.

You must return unsold flyers to me on August 30th or pay the Troop on AUGUST 30th for the flyers that you have sold.

If you are out of town on August 30th you need to make other arrangements with me.

Each flyer costs $15 to buy. You can sell them to anyone (friends, family, neighbors) and they pay you right away for the flyer you give them.

Scouts earn $13.50 for each flyer sold. This will go into your ISA account.

What I need to know from you right now is how many flyers you would like to pick up on Tuesday. This helps me let Papas know how many they need to print.

PLEASE email me this information by 11pm on Sunday evening in order to secure the flyers our Troop needs for the first week of this fundraiser.

Otherwise you will have to pick up flyers at my house or the next week at Troop (August 23rd).

Thanks so much,

If you have any questions please email me!

Deb Watts