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Good Morning Parents of Scouts,

Presently scouts sign up for an outing on a sign-up sheet.

This will still occur. Now the Committee is requiring a parent to acknowledge their scouts’ sign-up for a campout.

Parents will have to sign their name on this sign-up sheet (we only need one parent signature).

Our camp organizers appreciate your cooperation.

The deadline to make changes is the Tuesday before the actual campout at Troop (unless there is an earlier deadline for that specific campout).

If a scout changes his mind about attending a campout you must email Deb Watts ASAP.

Scouts will be charged if they do not participate in a campout they have signed up for.

That being said the Committee knows illness does occur. Please email Deb Watts as early as possible if this is the reason your scout is unable to attend.

Thank you,

Troop 282 Committee