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Good Evening Scouts and Scouters,

Here are some important reminders regarding earning merit badges for the June Court of Honor scheduled for June 16th.

Scouts have two (2) more troop meetings to get completed blue cards for merit badges to Mrs Hammond and to arrange Boards of Review for any rank advancement.

Scouts need to finish up their essay for the Oceanography merit badge and get the blue card from Bill and to Mrs. Hammond by June 2.

The new boys who still need to meet with Mr. Altmiller for their Scout Badge and pass the requirements are:

Noah Baker
Cade Donahue
Giancarlo Falcon
Jacob MacPherson
Dane Walton
Duncan Yozzo

The following dates that Mrs. Hammond will be present at TROOP MEETINGS include: May 26 and June 2. ONLY 2 meetings!

What this means is that scouts will only have 2 meetings left to arrange for a Scoutmaster Conference with Mr. Altmiller.

Mrs Hammond and Mr. Altmiller will not be at Troop on June 9th as she has important end of the year commitments.

Scouts may email or call Mrs Hammond to if they have any questions or special circumstances.

IN SUMMARY Mrs. Hammond will need to have all paperwork including blue cards by June 2. PLEASE assess what you need to finish in a timely manner. There can be no last minute adjustments.


Mrs. Hammond