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Reminder: all scouts AND Scouters going to summer camp and/or Yellowstone this summer will need up to date medical forms, including part C. If your forms were completed in July 2015, or more recently, they will be good through summer camp/Yellowstone. If you will be needing an updated physical, please call your physician NOW to schedule, as it can sometimes take a couple of months to get an appointment.

For scouts who had a physical exam done by their primary care physician last year, they may be eligible to have their exam done through the troop this year. These exams will be done on May 31, during the troop meeting time. We have several adults with the troop who are physicians, and provide this service to help defray the cost of the yearly physical required by BSA, when many insurances only cover for the boys to have a physical every other year. The scouts who have the physical through the troop pay $25 and this money goes towards the general fund of Troop 282.To be eligible for the physical with the troop, the scout must have had the physical completed by his primary care doctor the year before. 1st year scouts are not eligible. I will be letting you know before next week if you are eligible for this.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email or call me.

Annette ( Harkins) Weller MD